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    Olesya Luraschi.

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About Me

OL Mastermind

I am a Harvard-educated Leadership and High-Performance Coach. I previously was at the Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School and now have my own practice coaching leaders in the technology industry.

My interests lie in helping people achieve their full potential and using psychological science to improve their lives.

Overthinking, anxiety, and indecisiveness are proven obstacles to career advancement and deter many great minds from becoming the great leaders they are meant to be.

If you struggle with overthinking, anxiety, and indecisiveness, you will only be able to lead with clarity and calm after you overcome these challenges.

I have helped hundreds of tech leaders overcome the challenges of overthinking, anxiety, and indecision to become the impactful leaders they were meant to be.

I believe that everyone has full potential that they can attain with the help of a coach. Just like an athlete trains for optimal performance, we can also train our brains to achieve states of focus and achievement that were previously unimaginable.


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