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    Olesya Luraschi.

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Because Leaders are Always LEarning

Tech Leaders Mastermind


You're a tech leader ready to accelerate your career growth. You want an efficient and effective space to network and learn leadership skills and tools.  

Leaders are always learning. The problem is that most of us learn in isolation, and we're not sure how to find the right people or resources to help us grow. 

In this group coaching program, you'll connect with other tech leaders who are facing the same challenges that you are.

You'll get coached by an experienced coach, and you'll have access to our shared intelligence so that you can solve problems faster and more efficiently.

An all-inclusive leadership coaching program: 

Two 1:1 individual coaching sessions with a certified coach per month

Two group coaching sessions per month 

Access to our community platform which allows for live and asynchronous discussion and networking

Annual in-person gathering and networking event 

Leadership resources and skills training 

"This is the most comprehensive leadership coaching membership in the industry."

Presented by Olesya Luraschi Coaching

I have worked with over 300 leaders in the tech industry to facilitate leadership growth and development. I am a Harvard-educated Leadership and High-Performance Coach. I previously was at the Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School and now have my own practice coaching leaders in the technology industry.

OL Mastermind

Grow yourself as a leader

Through our monthly group coaching sessions, you will be able to bring obstacles and goals to the group, receive expert coaching, and learn from others like yourself.

Find a true community of equals

This program is only for tech leaders and members are selected carefully, creating a truly safe space and community of growth-minded individuals.

Build a deep and meaningful network

Build a network that is not only wide but deep. The connections you make in this Mastermind will be your potential referrals and life long friends.

How to Join

  • Schedule a 15 min call to verify fit 
  • Join and receive instant access to the community 
  • Schedule your first individual coaching sessions

What is coaching like?

Watch this testimonial from an engineering leader from Amazon to learn more about what coaching is like and if it is right for you.

What is the ROI of leadership coaching?

The benefits of coaching are both direct and long-term. Better decision-making being one of the most invaluable advantages. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions asked about Tech Leaders Mastermind

How much does this cost?

This program is $300 a month, cancellable anytime.

When will the group sessions be?

Currently the group sessions fall on the 2nd Wednesday of the month 10:00 AM PT and the 4th Thursday of the month 2:00 PM PT. 

What career level is this group for?

We do not only consider career level, but also experience. We will reach out to you if we have any questions. Typically, we do want our members to have a managerial role or a role that requires them to influence others in the organization.

When are the individual coaching sessions?

Individual coaching sessions are booked at your convenience.