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    Olesya Luraschi.

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How to Change Yourself

Can people change? This is often a debated question. According to psychology, the answer is yes, but it takes effort and attention.

There are many ways people can change, but in my opinion, one of the most underutilized is through behavior.

Most of us think that to change we need to go through some type of transformation, some moment of enlightenment, or a grueling year of intense effort.

Yet, when it comes down to it, all we need to do to change is to behave differently.

Everyone has something they want to change about themselves, they want to be more patient, kinder, more extroverted, more confident, etc.

The prescribed path to these changes is to undergo some type of internal transformation.

Although, no rule says that change must take time or be difficult.

What if you just started being more confident? Simply acting like you are a confident person?

Surprisingly, this is effective because thoughts, emotions, and behaviors have an interconnect bi-directional relationship.

This means thoughts can lead to behaviors and emotions, but also that behaviors can lead to thoughts and emotions.

So now the question is:

Who do you want to be?

What if you can be this version of yourself right now? From this moment forward. This person will become you over time, the behaviors will change your thoughts and your feelings, until one day they are effortless.