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    Olesya Luraschi.

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Why Emotions Matter

Emotions play a crucial role in our lives, driving every action we take and serving as the fuel for our personal journey.

Just as a car needs good fuel to run well, we need the right emotional fuel to keep us moving forward and achieving our goals.

However, many of us tend to wait for inspiration, motivation, or excitement to come to us, rather than actively seeking out emotions that will serve us well.

To make the most of our emotional fuel, it's important to take responsibility for the emotions we allow into our lives.

Indulgent emotions, such as confusion, overwhelm, emotional exhaustion, worry, and boredom, may feel comforting in the moment, but they do not serve us in the long run.

These emotions can hold us back, preventing us from achieving the results we desire.

Instead, we should strive to cultivate useful emotions that will help us achieve our goals. To do this, we can reflect on the emotions that have contributed to our past successes and make an effort to cultivate them on purpose.

We can also work to eliminate indulgent emotions whenever possible, treating them as bad habits that keep the brain busy but not productive. 

Emotions are like ingredients in a recipe, each contributing to the final result.

By choosing the right emotional fuel and eliminating indulgent emotions, we can create the results we desire in our lives. So take control of your emotional fuel and make it work for you, rather than letting it hold you back.

Consider the impact of your emotions on your life by reflecting on the following questions:

 What emotions have been most helpful to you in achieving your goals?

 Which emotions have held you back or hindered your progress?

 What emotions do you tend to indulge in, even though they may not be beneficial to you?

 Think of emotions as the ingredients that contribute to the results you create in your life. Take some time to examine a specific result that you are proud of and consider the emotions that contributed to its creation.

 By understanding the role that emotions play in your life, you can make more conscious choices about which emotions to cultivate and which to avoid.